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Vengeance 2000 not 7.1 ?


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False advertising?


I just got them today. My experience:

1. Waiting 3+ hours for the thing to charge (really puts a damper on the new purchase thrill)

2. Driver problems for Windows 8 - had to chase down the problem over the internet to discover I need to use compatibility mode

3. Volume controller not working. Again had to chase down the problem over the internet for the Human Interface Device Access issue.


and voila - after 4 hours since unpacking the headset I discover that windows and none of my installed games recognize it as 7.1 only stereo headset.

To give credit though, there is positional audio (at least in BF3 and Metro2033) which I tested. The sounds directly in the back were better than my old G35 but the rest felt all over the place by comparison.

Its late so I will do more testing tomorrow before I decide whether to return them or not, but it has been an underwhelming experience so far, at least compared to the previous headset which worked as advertised "out of the box"

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just go ahead and return them. Those drivers are never coming out anyways, might as well get a better product that works out of the box as advertised.


I wish i could return mine but the false hope of these drivers coming out kept me long enough that now i cant. I am stuck with a 159.00 stereo headset. Just awesome.

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