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I have read through all the previous threads with the equal issues to the corsair 1500.


Today i used the microphone for the first time on teamspeak, and ppl complained of a constant buzzing sound. Alarmed i tried all sorts of settings to try and correct it but whatever i do nothing helps. I have spend over 5 hours allready trying to find the cause.


- Changed usb jack [7 different usb connections]

- Turned off hardware acceleration

- Removed Corsair driver

- Put it on a fresh installed laptop, same issues.

- Made sure all power connections are grounded.

- Turned off any appliance that could cause elektromagnetic fields.



I'm at my wits end, the weird part is that upon human contact with the microphones outer finish, i geuss it's some sort of aluminum/plastic ish cover, it amplifies the buzzing:





When changing hertz, it can sometimes start a very high pitch beep ontop of the buzzing.


I have noticed that when changing folders in windows it sounds very crackly and not like how it should sound. I randomly get a cracking sound when something on the software has to be loaded. (noticeable when loading games)


As far as i can tell this is a component issue inside the mic.


Do you have any suggestions i could try? or is this a prime example of an RMA?

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