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Please Help H80i Pump Noise


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I bought a H80i recently and I noticed immediately that the fans were far too loud. I have swapped the fans out and replaced them with PWM fans.


However there is no way to reduce the pump speed from 2300RPM to 1800RPM - 1900RPM. Therefore the pump is really noisy.


At one point I was able to do the following -


SATA - 4 PIN Molex Adapter - 4 PIN Molex to 3 PIN Fan - Connect 3 PIN to Chasis FAN and the RPM read out into the CPU input.


I was able to shut the pump noise up however it would make a funny noise on startup (as if it didn't have enough power) or read an error with the CPU fan.


My computer is running at 28c and is more than cool. Can somebody please tell me how to control the pump speed. I have searched everywhere to find a SATA to 4 PIN PWM cable but they just don't exist.


I have even looked at fan controllers but all fan controllers require a 3 PIN fan input but how am I supposed to plug the SATA power in?


It really is the worst piece of design I have ever seen. Why didn't Corsair simply allow you to plug the pump into the CPU fan input like a normal heat sink. And oh my god, what is Corsair Link? It doesn't and can't do anything.


Please help!!! Great cooler, but the whining from the pump is driving me mental!


Thank you

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In fact, within the last few minutes the pump has let out some smoke and now the fans won't spin and the CPU input is reading zero.


I am afraid this Corsair H80i is defiantly faulty now.


It is still cooling the CPU but the light for "corsair" on the pump is just flashing periodically in blue?

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