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Corsair guys, please read my keyboard suggestions!


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Hello awesome folks and community of Corsair. I absolutely love Corsair products, and I am so happy that Corsair has been getting into the peripheral market lately. It's awesome, and you guys make top notch quality stuff.


However, I need to voice out my opinions.


I love a black and blue color scheme, but your current keyboards have either a silver aluminum look, or they have a very pale (brightness doesnt matter, its *pale*) blue because the lighting is under and around the keys.


I would love for a black keyboard with blue (or even RGB LEDs) with the nice anodized aluminum, but WITHOUT the extra space taking macro keys.


PLEASE consider making something like this. I can't find a good mechanical keyboard I like because they do not match my Razer peripherals since Razer decided to screw us over with crappy text and green lighting instead of blue, and their $250 Deathstalker Ultimate is a gimmicky joke without mechanical keys.


I really want to buy a Corsair peripheral, but I can't buy the current keyboards because they are not right for my system.


Im sure Im not the only one who would appreciate a sexy K70 black type of keyboard, but with deep blue lighting that Razer used to be iconic for.


Please :'(

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May I make a suggestion too? Since the black/red K70 has red replaceable keys, I think it would be pretty sick to have blue/lightblue ones for the silver/blue one. Can be from the store or come with the keyboard, but whatever works for you!
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You guys will be better off if the lighting doesn't shine around the keys and look all metallic and pale and "ghosty".


A nice deep blue through the keys like Roccat and Razer are a lot more attractive. You guys can do your own play off of it, I just don't like how the lighting is so pale and bleeds around the keys.

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