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Individual Sleeved Cable problem - AX1200i


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I have an AX1200i PSU, works fantastic. Last week, I ordered and received the individually sleeved cables (white - CP-8920050) and the 24pin (CP-8920058) white cable. When I swapped out the original cables for the sleeved ones and powered on, the system was drawing about 1/2 the power (Fans going at half speed, only 1 HDD being detected, no lights in the case came on). After resetting all the cables, it was doing the same thing. I removed all the sleeved cables and put the originals back, the computer is back at full power.


After swapping stock cables and white cables for about a day, I found that the white Molex and SATA cables were the problem. I put them on my PSU tester (Thermaltake Dr Power II), they came up with a 12V power fault (stock cables tested fine). I also noticed the metal pins in both the stock and white SATA cables were different. (stock cable -Pin2 is blank, white cable -Pin4 is blank).


I've checked the forums about this particular problem, and have not seen any posts. Are there any issues with these molex/sata cables not fully powering components? I called FrozenCPU.com, where I ordered them. They informed me to send back those cables to Corsair rather than send the set back to them.


Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you!

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