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I jut don't get it... RAM for Z77 chipset.....???


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I haven't done a new build for a while so I am well out of the loop with RAM & compatibilty issues - I usually buy corsair RAM & have used the memory tool with the ASUS Sabretooth Z77 as example....


However the RAM that comes up as compatible all seems to be different with both dual & quad channel sticks & voltages from 1.5v to 1.65v so how can I be sure that all of it is compatible or appropriate....


I don't think I need more than 16gb of memory but I dont know if I need 2x8gb of 4x4gb.....


If I did get a dual channel kit could I add another dual channel kit later or would I have to buy a matched quad channel kit to populate all my slots....


Please recommend some decent sticks to get me started....



Does the voltage matter - I was planning to use an i7 2700k & on my last build (Z68 platform) I thought RAM voltages should not exceed 1.5v.


Thanks for any advice regarding my stupid Qs....

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I'd suggest a 2 x 8GB kit if you don't anticipate needing more than 16GB in the next 2-3 years. Any of the 2 x 8GB , 1.5v kits of either Vengeance, Dominator, or XMS will work perfectly with your Z77 board.


If you do anticipate needing more than 16GB, you should get it now. Most of the time you can add RAM later with no issues but it's best to buy a prematched / tested kit.

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There are a few Platinum kits that would work just as well and are also rated at 1.5v. Here are a couple of examples.






There are also 32gig kits and those can be ffound here



And if I want 4 matched sticks I should get a quad channel kit?

You could. Or you can get a four stick dual channel kit. As long as you stick with 1.5v memory you will be fine. It is possible to run 1.65v memory on the Sandybridge CPU's but it is not recommended because it could potentially damage the memory controller in your CPU and or void any warranty you may have left on your CPU

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