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K8vnxp Xms Problem


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Hi, I am a bit new to all this but can somebody help me, I have a Gigabyte K8VNXP motherboard with a 3400 AMD 64 , I have installed a 1gig TwinX matched memory pair (TWINX1024R-3200CPT) and the second bank wont be recognised or it stops the machine from booting up, take it out and it boots up fine, can anybody help? I have had too many late nights playing with timings etc, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome to the forums, hoffman!


The "R" in the model name denotes registered memory.


The board you have (and any board running an AMD 64 socket 754 or 939) will not run registered modules!


You'd need to get modules (different or the same thing) w/out an "R" or "RE" in the model name!




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