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P5W DH Deluxe + TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX overvolt/overclock issue.


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See previous 2009 thread for details of my initial setup problems [sOLVED]


OK I've had this RAM in my system for almost 4 years now with no problems, recently my BIOS started reporting "Overvolt or Overclock failed" at POST.


When I entered the BIOS and checked the settings everything is as it should be, so I save and reboot and reports everything is fine. The system runs perfectly stable for as long as I leave it active. NO signs of memory faults (i.e. locking etc). It's been on well over 12 hours without issue.


However on a cold boot, it seems to always do it now, a save settings in the BIOS and reboot gets it working, again no instability issues to lead me to believe the memory is failing. Any ideas why this has suddenly started happening? Could my motherboard be failing?


I have attached BIOS screens for chipset and voltage settings (I did have it manually set to 2.1V, but now on auto, does the same) and AIDIA64 reports everything as it should be within the OS. Again, there is NO SYSTEM INSTABILITY, just the intermittent "Overvolt or Overclock failed" issue I am now getting.







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