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800d and 2 GPUs advice


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I could use a tip or two.

I have 800d with an h100i on top 2 fan holes with 2 noctua nf-f12 reaplacing stock corsair fans.

The rest of fans on case are original ones.

Now CPU cooling is not problem at all. Two fans are intake geting air from top into case over radiators, back fan is exhaust and lower fan is intake as well.


Now I'm getting a problem with GPUs. 2x hd7970 when under heavy usage are getting a bit hot. Gigabyte windforce edition, so cooling on them is ok but it get's pretty hot inside case.

Example, with open case and running cards for some time on 100% they go up to 73 degrees and pretty much sticks there. As soon as case is closed temp goes to 82-83.. 10 degrees higher in nutshell.


So plan is to try and ghet more outside air in and also get better performance in getting air out.. or just keep case open :)


Also I have 3 more nocuta nf-f12 fans but I can;t mount 3rd one no last spot on top of the case because radiator from h100i is covering screw holes on one side. One solution is to just put it on top of the case, outside but....

So any tips advice... air flow directions or points to some nice ideas out there.

Thank you!

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