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H80i + Noctua NF-F12 PWM Fans


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I updated mi H80i to te latest firmware about a week ago and installed the new Corsair Link software.

I also connected my two Noctua NF-F12 PWM fans to the second connector of the pump with the suplied Y cable.

When I connect them to the first connector, only one fan shows up in CL, so someone in this forum told me to connect them to the second connector of the pump.

I did so and CL showed both of the fans, as Fan 3 and Fan4.

Today I booted my PC and one of the Noctua fans is not showing up anymore.

The fan seems to work connected to the mobo.

Any idea why it's not showing up anymore on CL?

It shows the Fan, but at 0 rmp. Like it's not detected.

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So this is what happened now to me:

I turned of my PC and disconnected the fans and the Y cable from Corsair from the pump. My surprise was to see the whole connector of the pump attached to the cable!

The small cable wich connect into the two connectors of the pump, seems to have pulled out the entire connector. What a faulty connector is this?

Now I see 8 pins where the cable should go, and the surounding plastic of the female connector is not fixed to the unit anymore.

It also seems it was very bad fiexd there, looks very crapy.

And I asure it's not the first unit I mount on a PC and that I take a lot of care.

I managed to insert the plastic back into the pins, because they where not damaged and the unit and one of the fans is working, but this is not the kind of product I wanted and what I was expecting from it.

I just submitted an RMA request.

Will ad photos in a few minutes.

I'm really upset now with Corsair, beacause their products are not cheap, and a lot of people here seems to have problems. :mad:

The fans, the firmware, the noise, etc, etc...

And I'm from the Canary Islands, Spain. So how long must I stay now without a unit waiting for Corsair to replace it?

It's not the first unit I mount and this has never happened.

So I hope to get a fast solution or it will be the last product I purchase from Corsair.

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Images of the loosy/free and defective part.

As you can see it's not damaged, I can insert it back carefully on the pins on the pump, but the cable moves around and is not fixed.







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The feedback and service from Corsair is really excellent.

I still have no answer, neither to this post or to my case.

For sure I will never buy **** from Corsair again.

This said, I sent my defective unit back to the store where I bought it and i'm waiting to get it replaced with an Antec Kühler H2O 920.

So after my experience and from what i'm seeing in this forum, the lot of rma cases and trouble people has with this units I only can recommend buying anything else than Corsair close loop water cooling.

Go with Antec, Thermaltake or whatever.

And yes, **** you Corsair for not even responding to my RMA case or posts.

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  • Corsair Employees

Sorry for the delay. Our Tech Support is a bit behind this week. I just got your RMA approved. Go ahead and complete the RMA form and we will get this matter resolved right away.


Edit: Just noticed that you have recently submitted the RMA request, about two ago, so our TS is still within expected response time.


Go with Antec, Thermaltake or whatever.
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