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CX600 Modular - Fans briefly spin, no POST


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I'll try and keep this short:


New build, all new parts, everything seated correctly - triple checked.


Corsair CX600 Modular PS

Gigabyte Intel UD3H motherboard


Switched on the power. The fans spin briefly, but then die and nothing else happens. The motherboard does not POST or even throw an error code on the LED.


I have heard elsewhere that there could be an issue with the motherboard/PSU not seeing that the power flow is good. Very technical, I know. :o:


Any ideas?

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Thank you for the reply. It was indeed that I was missing the 8-pin power connector. PCs I've built in the past only had the large 20- or 24-pin connector (or maybe I just didn't remeber), so this one slipped right by me. How embarassing. :!oops:


The PC runs perfectly now, no issues, aside from the noobish builder. :laughing:

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