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Need RMA on 2 headsets


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I have 2 sets of Corsair headsets (loved the wireless so much, I bought a wired one for my other system).

Both have cracks and/or already cracked and broken.


No rough treatment.

I am a 45 year old man, and take care of the things I own.


The 2000 wireless has 1 side broken, the other side is stress cracked at the exact same spot.


The 1500 wired headset is broken on one side.


These sets are made with VERY cheap plastic.



The 1500 wired headset was purchased on: December 20, 2012 through amazon.

The 2000 wireless headset was purchased on: July 11, 2012 through amazon.


Please help.

This is not a well spent $200


Thank you.

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Thanks ramguy.

They were already approved, and the new support site wasnt working.

I already put in tickets for them, and they sent me emails with updates on them.

Should be at my house tomorrow sometime.


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