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Is this macro possible on an M90...?


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Newcomer here, getting to grips with the M90's software fairly well. The execution of my dream macro continues to escape me though... I was wondering if it was possible to bind a macro to one of the buttons that performs a keystroke entry (ie. down), but doesn't release it (ie. up) until I release the button? Think along the lines of the Vengeance's Sniper function; it seems to decrease DPI when held, then revert once let go.


The reason I ask is for the MMO The Secret World, a game that can feature firearms and manual aiming on targets. There's currently a target mode swap function (T keystroke by default), that alternates between typical MMO camera and a third-person-shooter-esque view over the shoulder with crosshairs. I have this function (T keystroke) set to R-click... but at the moment, since it's only a TOGGLE, all this allows me to do is tap it to swap between the standard camera and the alternate targeting aim mode.


Ideally I'd like to be able to set it to sustain the aim as long as I have the button held down - in my case this is R-click, so basically I'm looking for the precise aim control of about 9/10 TPS games.


What this involves however, is somehow setting up a macro function that inputs the button press (ie. down), then delays the button release (ie. up) until the button itself is released.


Is such a thing even possible? :bigeyes:

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Unfortunately, you can't do it with Corsair software.

However, where is a solution! Here is thread where I help people who eager for complex macros. Read first post of that thread then read following:


In your case you will need to create macro like that:

; Trigger view by RMB
Send {T down}           ; press T first time (turn on 3DP mode)
Sleep, 50
Send {T Up}
Sleep, 50
while GetKeyState("RButton", "P") ; wait until RMB released
Send {T down}           ; press T second time (turn off 3DP mode)
Sleep, 50
Send {T Up}


Create file named RMB_ViewToggle.ahk, copy and paste above code where. Assign that macro to RMB.

Let me know if you'll have any problems.

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