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2.3.4816 software for win8


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was on Win 7 and 2.2 upgraded to Win 8 and noticed they had new software for Win8 to fix the sierra crashing issue, so installed 2.3.4816, lost the LED and fans went 100%, so tried the new 1.0.5 firmware to correct it, nada... pump doesn't exist any more


tried switching USB headers, unplugging the USB on the pump for a while, uninstalling and re installing 2.3.4 and 2.2 with and without Win 7 compatibility and as admin, not sure if the firmware borked it or the software has messed up the Win 8 driver


so figured id try the new firmware, 1.05, now the unit doesn't show in either software... lol /facepalm


dont really care to rewire the PC to use the fan headers any suggestions before l fire off an RMA

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