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Cleanup K90 and M60


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Hi there,


a few weeks ago i had a terrifying accident with my keyboard and mouse combination.

A glass with lemon juice fell over them.


The K90 gave up its functionality after a couple of minutes (blue leds only flashing when pressing on of the keys) and the M60 seems to get killed today (wonder what took'er so long)


I used a blow dryer and the oven for the K90 (what did i have to lose :) ) to dry it a bit.

Its working again now, but all keys on the right side of the keyboard are completly sticky.

Especially the numpad, the multimedia keys and the cursor keys. No way to press them normally ... have to smash them brutally.


Well i thought i can open all screws on the backside and simply unclip the board so i can clean the sticky keys from inside ... haha ... no way dude.

Does anyone of you have an idea, how i get those keys cleaned up?

The keyboard seems to work well ... only those sticky keys make it extremly unusable.


The next problem is my M60 ... it also get some lemon juice drink but not that much, as the K90 got.

So its working like a charm until today.

Now its behavier is pretty weird. All leds are working, moving the mouse cursor works ... until i click any button. Then the leds go out, and the mouse cursor wont move, until i replug the mouse.

Guess this is an aftereffect of the lemon juice attack.

Its the same behavier on all of my pc's no matter linux or windows. So it must be a hardware problem.


Is there any way to clean the M60 (see no screws) or can it be another problem?


Pls help me ... i love this set and dont want to throw it to the garbage :(

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