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Corsair 650D overheating


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Hi folks, I hope that you can help.


I have a Corsair 650D with all stock fans. A Noctua NH-12 on my i7-920 (stock speeds), and a Sapphire Dual Fan 6970 running at stock clocks.


When playing anything for more than 20 minutes, the card starts heating up something silly, the fans on it ramp up and it's loud as anything. I've actually had this problem with ANY card that vents heat into the case, only reference cards don't have this problem. I have a feeling that it's my case airflow letting me down.


The 650D has a front 200mm fan down at the bottom of the case, a 200mm fan up top, and a 120mm at the top rear. The two top fans are pushing air out, the bottom 200mm is pulling air in. Ambient room temp is 21c. This is the default configuration when buying a new 650D.


Now, I reckon that I have two options. 1, sell the case and buy something else. Or 2, fix the problem. I don't want to start cutting into my case or anything stupid - I just want to do the least invasive sort of thing to fix the issue. I was thinking that I might get a Corsair H100i, mount that at the top of the case (it's made for it), then turn the rear 120mm around - thus turning the case from a negative air pressure case to a positive one.


What do you reckon? Pony up for a new case? Or try to save this one?

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Your problem is not case... temps in so big and without fans can't influence so badly on graphic card temps for 20mins... 6970 is famous like hot card.

I see you have dual cooler on card but again...

Obsidian 650D case have best options for cooling. I think of all mid tower case except maybe C70. You need only good fans... Turn H100 like exhaust, front Intake, back exhaust, and one fan where you want. DVD cage or HDD cage... Choose some best fans like GT or CORSAIR or Noiseblocker and no problem and check cooler on your card. Your problem is not case.

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While the above posters are right in saying that a hot card is going to run hot no matter what, there are some things that can be done.


My GPU, a MSI 680 Twin Frozr III, is known to be a pretty cool-running card, but since moving everything into my 650D it's been running about 6/7C hotter than it did in my horrible old, small, cheap and nasty case from, uh, a competitor.


To get more air into the GPU, last night I move the HDD cage back, and simply attached an extra 120mm fan to the top of the cage (the fan is currently held in place with Velcro):




This seems to have solved my problem. By accelerating and focusing the air coming in through the front 200mm fan, my GPU is running a full 6/7C degrees cooler than previously. The fan might look a bit daft perched there like that (I might try to come up with some sort of bracket to make it look a bit more pro), but it does the job incredibly well. Now the 650D is everything I wanted it to be; a beautiful case with great cooling.

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