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How to stop CorsairLINK software from taking over my GPU fan?


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I just recently installed a Corsair H100i with some completely unforeseeable consequences. The CPU cooling is fine, but the horrible piece of software for controlling the fan speeds just decided that it knows better than Nvidia and will take over controlling the fan speed for my GPU as well.


The result is as follows:

- When not doing anything GPU intensive, the fan is on very low and thus very silent (a good thing, but that's how it worked before too)

- When starting to do something GPU intensive, the fan is on very low and thus the temperatures start to rise fast (not a very good thing at all)

- When the GPU reaches very high temperatures (~95C), the fan is set on full blast and thus VERY LOUD to drop the temperatures (a good thing in the sense that it stops the chip from burning, bad thing in the sense that the temperatures should've never risen that high with SANE fan control, that I had without CorsairLINK interfering)

- When the GPU temperature drops below what seems critical (~90C), the fan is set back to low RPM speeds (completely silent) and the temperatures start climbing fast again


So after starting a game or anything else GPU intensive, it doesn't take very long and the pattern starts going: ~5-10 seconds of fan on full blast, ~5-10 seconds of fan on low RPM .. the noise from this is VERY annoying.


I've spent considerable amounts of time to try and get that horrible piece of software to understand that I think it's programmed by complete idiots and I don't want it to do the things it's doing to my GPU fan, but I can't get it to understand what I mean, possibly because it's so buggy anyways.


Now, how do I get your horrible piece of software to understand to leave my GPU fan speed to the professionals who know how to make a proper PWM curve to keep the GPU cool and quiet? I would still like to be able to control the fans I've connected to the H100i, even though the interface is horribly buggy and hardly ever actually does what I want it to do.




I tried installing eVGA precision X in the hope that it would take over the fan control, which it seems to have done, but now for some reason if I try to launch Skyrim, it crashes in seconds, before the intro video.


I got sick of this and tried to uninstall CorsairLINK 2, about 50% in the uninstaller I got a dialog saying "Error: 1" and after Ok-ing that the uninstaller closed .. no more uninstaller to be found and I have no idea if all the junk was actually uninstalled. Thanks Corsair, thanks a lot.


Update 2:

Uninstalled both CorsairLINK 2 and eVGA precision X, Skyrim launches fine, the fan speed is fine. Now how do I reinstall CorsairLINK without it taking over the GPU fan?

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You might try setting the GPU fan to Default Mode and also ungrouping it from GPU temperature, so that there are not two different monitor applications fighting for control of the unit; which is never a good thing.
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yeah, tried that, tried to "delete device" from CorsairLINK too .. also, it's really difficult to say if the "default" setting was ever activated because CorsairLINK is so damn buggy, most changes I tried to do never had any effect, had to try, retry, and retry about 15 times before they eventually would have an effect on fan speeds


delete device was the most worthless option ever, since it only took about 0.5-1sec for it to reappear in the list

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