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Corsair H110 Radiator Fan Screws


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Anyone know where I can buy black screws/washers to use with my H110 in push/pull. I know they are 6/32 and 1.25 in long but would like something that would not stand out. Tried googling and did have a lot of luck. It says in the H110 manual they are available on the corsair website but I cannot find them.


I have some non-black ones but would prefer not to use them.





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I appreciate the reply but I have bought screws and washers that work but they are not black. Really want to find something that does not stand out. The local stores don't seem to sell black ones and I just wasn't finding them online. Tried looking at the parts area of the Corsair website but I am not finding something that is for the H110. Perhaps there is a kit that will work but none of the descriptions with parts indicate what is in the kits.


I suppose I could paint the heads of the screws.


Any other thoughts?

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