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Brand new Tx650w v2 fan stops spinning after startup


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A few days ago i received a new TX650w v2 ( model CP-9020038-EU ) after i returned a dead PSU (tx650w older version). After 30 min of installing the PSU and powering on the computer, there was a smell of something burning/too hot coming out of the PSU and i noticed the fan was not working. The same smell came out of the returned PSU some moments before burning out.


I know this PSU has the new fanless mode, but the fan only spins at startup and even when i´m playing a game with >90% load on the gpu and >80% load on the cpu the fan never spins.


I did the paperclip test and the PSU spins for 5secs only, then it stops, and the case fan keeps spinning. The volts on the rails seem ok (+3,31v, +5.04v,+12.09v -- in BIOS ).


The system is stable, i´ve been using the PSU for about 5h, but it concerns me that the fan does not spin even at high loads and that weird smell of overheating doesn´t seem good.


So, what should i do at this point? Return a brand new PSU, stress the cpu with prime 95 or something like that, do other tests? Is it wise to keep using the PC with the PSU like this? meanwhile, i´m using a fan on top of the PSU as a "substitute" to cool it.


Any help?



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It's not uncommon for a new PSU to have that hot electronic smell for a couple of days. As long as the system is stable I would just use it and keep an eye on it.


If it really bothers you, then it might be best to return it. But i don't think you'll have any issues.

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Yes, other people also told me that in some cases it´s usual to have that kind of smell. Only thing it concerns me is that the last PSU i had to return, also started smelling like this and a few time after..."puffff!"...


Returning the new PSU is the last thing i would like to do as it costs me a lot to send the package..:S

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Is it safe to test the PSU fan, using Prime 95 and Furmark? If not even these programs can activate the fan, should i return the PSU, or keep using it?


If the system is stable, then I don't see any reason why the PSU is faulty. Run Prime95 simultaneously with Furmark or 3DMark and find out if the system is going to be stable under heavy load.

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