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Vengeance 1500 Issue


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Hi everyone,


The problem is crackling/popping/tearing etc - especially with winamp/music.

I've read up on this and it seems that I'm not the only one with this issue.


I have also read of potential fixes:

1 - disabling hardware acceleration did NOT work

2 - Switch USB ports/not to use USB 3 - I don't have any USB 3 ports, and I've tried every single USB port I have, it did NOT work

3 - Re-install drivers/try old drivers did NOT work

4 - No EQ did NOT work

5 - Adjusted almost every sound related setting possible did NOT work

6 - Pretty much everything I've tried so far ... has not worked :'(




I did not have this problem before. In fact, the headset worked perfectly fine for a long time, up until now.

The only things that have changed since the last time I used the headset are the following:

1- Old sound card (X-Fi Platinum) died - got the ASUS Xonar D2 (this can't be an issue, because USB. Still, It's something that changed.)

2- Formatted my PC, old W7 didn't have SP1 or any updates. Now, I have SP1 and updates. --- This seems to be the only sensible cause?


I did read somewhere on these forums that APPARENTLY it has something to do with windows updates, and the drivers for the headset not being fully compatible with that ... Is this the cause? If so -

CORSAIR, will there be updated drivers?

Is there going to be a newer version than 1.1?


I tested the headset in my brothers PC, and from what I heard during that test, the problem does not appear when plugged into his PC - only on mine. (Did not install drivers on his PC)

Also, my brother's PC is running the same OS as I am, but his W7 has no updates installed/has never been updated.


On my PC, drivers installed or not, the issue persists.


Seeing as the headset works on another PC, the headset itself is not the problem. It must be driver related. That's what I think, anyway.


Will there be new drivers? I cannot use my headset anymore...

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I've used the DPC Latency checking application. Everything remains green.


On another forum, where I posted this same thread, someone said that they had a similar issue but fixed it by disabling Intel Speedstep in BIOS. (Something about fluctuating frequencies creating slight electrical noise/feedback which was audible via the headset...)

Anyway, I disabled speedstep (as well as onboard audio - something I forgot to do earlier) (also, all settings in my BIOS are pretty much default - no overclocks at all) but the problem persists.


Have I missed anything? :(

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You posted on a Saturday so you won't get a reply until we're back from the weekend. If your headset works without issues without drivers on your brother's machine, and you get crackling without drivers on yours, then its not driver related because its the same default Microsoft driver. Have you tried plugging your computer into the same power outlet as your brother's system to ensure its not a grounding issue?
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My apologies for sounding impatient. :/


I tried what you suggested, RAM GUY, but the problem did not go away.

Being thorough, not only did I connect my PC to the power outlet he is using, but I also set his PC up on my outlet - it's the same situation. Crackling for me, not for him...


Give's me an idea, could this issue be at all related to my PSU itself?

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Format again? That..... Is technically possible. However, there's no way I can actually do it. (Now, that is) It takes time and unfortunately I don't have that time to spend setting everything up again so soon after having formatted just recently.


I would only consider that as the extreme case, absolutely no other options at all ..option. :/

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok. I've done everything.


Also, I gave my headset to a buddy of mine over the passed Easter to test out on his PC & Laptop. (Both are fully updated (Windows Updates)) - According to him, there is NO issues, whatsoever.


I honestly have no idea what could be the cause -_- However, I am going to try one more thing. Another power supply.


If that5 doesn't work then...well. The headset will become a nice paperweight :( lol

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