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vx450w - no voltage on 4 pin connectors


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Hi Support,

I have a vx450w which has developed a problem. I appear to have lost voltage on both of the 4 pin molex connector lines. I have tested with a multimeter and get 0 volt reading. All other connectors are currently functioning normally.

I only have the case fan and the front panel LED powered by the 4 pin connector, therefore I could just get a converter plug to enable me to power the fan and LED from a spare SATA 15 pin connector instead.

So my question is, if there is a fault on the 4 pin connectors, is this likely to eventually result in a total PSU failure, in which case I should return the product as it is still under warranty, or can I expect to run the fan and LED from a SATA connector for a few more years without any further problems?

Thanks in advance


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There is no way to predict a failure of any kind. Best to just have it replaced if you can.
Thanks for the advice peanutz94, I have now received a TX650 as a replacement :biggrin:

And thanks to Corsair for their excellent product support service :praise:

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