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UPS for Corsair TX 750 PSU from available list


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I have spend some time looking at what UPS to get for my Corsair TX 750 PSU. I have read about the difference between a Pure Sine Wave vs stepped Sine Wave UPS...

Thing is I live in South America, and in my country, they don't sell any Pure Sine Wave UPS, so I have no choice but to use the other types. These are the UPS options I can find locally:


Tripp Lite OmniVS1000 U

APC BR1000G PRO 1000Va/ 600 watts

UPS Tripp Lite Smart1000LCD 1000VA / 500watts


I only want to use a UPS just to shutdown my computer safely and protect my equipment when there is a power outage (which are a bit rarely).


Does using a non pure Sine Wave UPS would work and it won't damaged my PSU?


Which one do you recommend?

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