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New h80i is borked.

Tx Redneck

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Hola and thanks for the support forum Corsair.


I recently received an H80i as a replacement for a defective H80, but as luck would have it, it too is defective. I've tried it on two different mobo's(AMD and Intel) w/the same issues present.


The pump/water block doesn't show in dev mgr nor Link, the pump only lights for a brief moment at cold boot and one fan is DOA.


I've tried various versions of link, reinstalled Win(7x64), all to no avail. To be completely honest, I have ZERO interest in paying another $60 shipping to get this one RMA'd, I'd rather just go back to my trusty Hyper 212+(OG style), be done with and wash my hands of Corsair stuff.


/rant over

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