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No cpu temp anymore for H100i in C-Link2


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I have this weird problem with the CPU temperature in CorsairLink2


First I installed my new H100i in a CM Storm Enforcer all temperatures were shown as expected. Though the casing is too small so I upgraded to the HAF XB case.


Now I am running my H100i in push/pull setting and temperatures are way beyond awesome. Though I have a problem. Since I went to the new case, CorsairLINK2 does not register my CPU temperature anymore.


In FanSpeed I can see the temperature is around 31 degrees, but CorsairLink2 keeps showing 0,0 degrees.


Before I changed to this case it did register the temperatures just fine. When I moved my setup to this new case I did not remove the cooler from the Motherboard.


What is wrong, or what can be done to fix this?

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After the rebuild I did not replug the usb in the same port. Now I just changed it and seems there is no difference sadly enough. Yesterday night I tried the firmware update since I thought it might be connected to the firmware and lucky me, now I am blessed with no cpu temp in CorsairLink2 AND a grinding sound :'(

Any chance to downgrade my firmware back to 1.0.4?


Addition: I have been thinking what to do about the CPU temperature. Might it be an idea to reinstall my pc for it to work, or are the chance of succes slim to none?

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Yup, several times I have selected show all devices. Have to do it, when you change the USB port.


At this moment it seems to be showing my room temperature. I have changed 'show all devices' several times, and button bashed the 'restart' button in corsairlink2. The LED is not reacting to the shown temperature at all.


I have added the following picture with all neccessary information needed to see that corsairlink2 is definately not doing what it is supposed to do.





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I have this happen a lot too, I've found if you go to options and press the button to restart the service 95% of the time the cpu temp comes back on 2-4 seconds later.


Annoying I know, but at least its something.

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