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h100i covering 3rd fan position on top of 800d


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I just replaced stock fans with my h100i with couple of noctua nf-f12. I have them pulling air in and it works like a charm. But my plan was to add 3rd noctua on last 3rd position on top of 800d case to provide a bit more cooled air in case for GPUs (2x ati 7970) but h100i radiator is covering holes for puting 3rd fan in there. check images.

Any ideas how to come around of this if possible at all?






I also ordered 3 magnetic dust filters to put on top of case as well to reduce dust coming in from intake.


And finally, would adding 1 more 120mm fan in lower drive bay slot help pulling in more air from bottom or? As it is pointed from case side panel to hard drives (got 2 SSDs down there) would it pull enough air from bottom intake?



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well that was one of ideas but I was reafon around forums and in couple occasions it is suggested that having everything intake and back rear fan as exhaust works pretty great.


Only kinda problem are GPUs and plan is to try and bring a bit better airflow so that all that extra heat generated by those two get out as best as possible :)

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