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GS800 fail over on cpu i5 2500k overclock reboot or hangs


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I have corsair psu gs800 and h100 cooler.


I was able to overclock upto 4.6 early but now my pc keeps hanging or reboots on 4.5 itself.


I know temp was not the issue


but the probem may be psu could not deliever power on demand causing the cpu cycles to freeze.


all i see is 60 deg max at that time.


I dont see if it jumps to 100 to freeze all of a sudden


even if i go close to 5ghz then chances are there to hit 90 but the cpu can go upto 5.5 at exteme cooling


for this cooler i have seen site showcasing 5ghz at no issue maintain 55-60 at idle and 80 at load.

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Other than an unstable overclock is there something else that would make you suspect a PSU?


What are your voltages report in your BIOS for the 12,5,3.3v readings?


Have you tried another PSU to see if you get the same thing?


How long and how far have you overclocked your CPU? There is always the possibility of component degradation....

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I have been overclocking since 2011 october.


I was doing till 4.37 till june 2012 and the later pushed to 4.56ghz and continued for another 6 months.


Past 3 months it was back to stock or max 4.2 as i dont have much need for it or after win 8 the overclocking caused to reboot in to recovery mode so i set it at 4.2 ghz and ran .


Two days before i was again trying to overclock manually via Asus AI suite and changing the clock multiplyer. It used to freeze all of sudden it goes to full load .


Once i restart it will be revert to 4.2


Yesterday i was able to overclock to 4.67 but now i am facing a weird issue like my keyboard all of a sudden fails to response to laggy where i tried resintalling the software and even then i had to restart to fix the issue and it will come again.


Find the snap



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