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M60 Scroll problem


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I have had my M60 for about 3 months now (awesome mouse by the way) and I have had no issued what so ever until a week ago.


When I for example am on a browser and scroll downwards, it sometimes scrolls back up and glitches in a weird way and the same when I scroll upwards it sometimes scrolls down.


Maybe that was not the best description of my problem but I did my best to explain so I hope you understand what I mean.


I have tried to reinstall drivers and firmware and switching USB hub but no success.

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Use compressed air and blow air around the scroll wheel.


Hair/dust built-up might be causing the issue.

Did not solve the problem :(

When I am on the bottom of a page and keep scrolling downwards it sometimes scrolls up randomly and the same when scrolling upwards an the faster I scroll the more it glitches.

I have tried every USB port on my computer and my friends.

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I had the same problem. It's the actual physical wheel that's faulty. I had the same problem. It gets stuck between 'clicks' as you roll the wheel. I had mine replaced because there is no fixing it.


Corsair really needs to look at how they do their wheels... even the scroller wheel that allows my Vengeance 2000 headset to change microphone height has worn out, so is completely useless now as it just sits at the lowest level.

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