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H80 pump dead?


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I have an H80 with 2 rad fans, cooling node, and lighting node. I downloaded the new Link s/w when it was released. Most things were working well and some definate improvements were made. Except LEDs and my 2 fans will not vary with CPU temp when grouped with my i5 temp. But I think this is an issue that is being looked at so I just set up various speed profiles for gaming, night time, etc. and select them based on my need.

The Link commander F/W is 2.0.6. Cooling node F/W is 1.2.5. Lighting node F/W is 1.1.9. H80 is 1.1.12


About 4 days ago, the link software shows the "H80 Pump" as 0 rpm and flashing red on the graphic. This would occasionally happen with previous link version 2.2 but it would resolve itself and be working fine in a few hours, maybe next day.


So far, the condition has not changed and I am concerned my H80 pump is not moving any coolant.

My BIOS reports CPU fan as 0 rpm. I confirmed the H80 pump is plugged into a molex power connector. I also confirmed the small 1-wire connector from the H80 block is connected to my motherboards' CPU fan header.

I plugged my old CPU cooler fan into the molex (which H80 was using) and plugged the old fan's small connector to the CPU fan header. Old cooler fan runs fine and RPMs show up in BIOS. This confirms nothing is wrong with my power or fan header.


Has anyone else seen this? Is my H80 broken? Should I be worried about continued use without my H80 pump running? CPU temp looks to be quite normal but I am thinking i may want to go back to my old cooling solution if this problems continues.


Any advise would be greatly appreciated.



K. Garner

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Hello Toasted


I have since changed the LED and fans to the H80 Temp group. Seems to be working better.

But I still have to open any profile then switch back to a profile I want to use at the time. Then the LED and fans start to work as expected.


As for the H80 pump issue. It is still showing red and is at 0 rpm. The white LED (the little man symbol) on the H80 block is lit up.




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