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Corsair M65 Design Suggestion


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Just got my Corsair M65, and i'm liking it so far. Can't give a full review yet, but one suggestion I would like to make:


Remove the 'Sniper' button.


It's gimmicky, and although some users may like having it available, true FPS gamers don't need this. It wouldn't have been so much of an issue but the button is in a position where you can accidentally hit it (at least for my hands). Having the two upper thumb buttons would have been fine, and allowing users to select 'sniper' as an upper button choice.


It's also annoying because I would have preferred a smooth surface where I rest my thumb.


Just wanted to point that out.

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while i have a m90 myself (as i play more mmo than shooters overall) i do find myself pressing up and down dpi when switching in and out of sniping when playing shooters/fps, that button would be handy if i had a m60.


i have friends that own m60/65 and i do enjoy using them when i need to.


you can try disabling the buttons functionally in the software if you have no use for it and accidentally hit it.

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Well, I have had an unfortunate turn of events.


The M65 is not a good mouse. It's kindof 'Floaty' or 'Stretchy' if there is such a thing. It doesn't feel reliably accurate, and I find myself missing shots that I otherwise should not. I also get some reaction delay (checked settings, its at 1ms). It feels like the mouse is playing catch up.


I'm returning the product today to purchase something else.


To compare, I have a sensei, deathadder, orochi, and others, and they all track perfectly every time.


Sorry Corsair. I love a lot of your products (cases, fans, etc.), but this mouse just doesn't cut it for gaming.

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