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RMA Case #5771112 - Corsair TX850

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Just finished submitting an RMA request for my power supply but had a question. First I'll explain the RMA.


Bought this PSU fron Newegg, along with all the other components needed, to build a rig back on 5/26/10. On 6/24/2010 I submitted an RMA with Newegg to replace the PSU which they did, but it turned out the problem I had at that time was a faulty motherboard.


Fast forward to today. Replaced my Sapphire HD5830 with an XFX HD6970, Replaced my AMD PhenomII x4 965 BE with an AMD PhenomII x6 1100t BE. Now whenever the video card sees any load, overclocked or not, the PSU emits a very loud and very annoying cap/coil whine. This never happened on my HD5830 at default clocks or OC'd, nor did it ever happen on my 965 BE at default clocks or OC'd. Apparently the added power draw of this HD6970 is triggering that cap/coil whine.


My question is will I be able to receive the replacement PSU and then ship out my PSU? This rig is dual-purpose for work and leisure and there's no way at all that I could afford the 1-3 week down time. It's impossible and completely out of the question, unfortunately. If I have to pay out of pocket to ship this thing I don't care, I just need the replacement first.


System specs if needed;


AMD PhenomII x6 1100t Black Edition

Asus Crosshair IV

XFX HD6970 2gb

Corsair TX850

Corsair Hydro-Series H50

Seagate Barracuda 1tb

WD Black 640gb x 2 Raid-0

Coolermaster Storm Scout

Coolermaster 120mm R4 Blue-LED x 7

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1. They're closed on the weekends.

2. Ask for an advanced RMA to get the item first.




Is the advanced RMA something I should have done on the main website, or do I request that when they reply to my RMA request? Are there any details regarding the advanced RMA that I should know about?

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I was told that for an advance RMA I would not get a return shipping label meaning I'd have to pay out of pocket to ship the faulty PSU to them, which I clarified from the start was absolutely no problem at all. They also want to charge my credit/debit card for $160+ and hold those funds until I send them the faulty PSU as if I'm some sort of thief. Wow. I've done at least a hundred RMAs over the years in my line of work and not once has a company ever done this. Why would my money be taken and held because of your faulty product? And furthermore, I can get this PSU for $50 less(amazon.com) than what you're wanting to take from me and hold.


PSU and water cooler are going up for sale on ebay. No more corsair parts in my builds if my only options during an RMA are several weeks of downtime or being treated like a possible criminal.

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