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H80i Back Plate fit on MB


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Hello Corsair fans!


Yesterday I was going to mount my H80i on my motherboard. I started to demount all my parts (graphics card, sound cars and all the connector to the MB) since I don't have a fancy computer case with a CPU cut out on the backside.


After I did that, I removed the motherboard, and the old Intel Stock CPU cooler. I started to mount the back plate, and I screwed all the four screws until the were firmly tightened. But the back plate isn't firmly tightened, there is a gap that i approximately 3 mm between the screws and the MB.


Gap betwwen Back Plate and Motherboeard #1


Gap betwwen Back Plate and Motherboeard #2


Video of the problem



Should it be like this? I have installed a lot of CPU coolers and all of them has been mounted really tight on the MB, with no gap at all.


I have written Corsair, but I wanted to heard what the people in the forum says. I pre-order my H80i before it was released, and I think I got one from the first shipment to Sweden.


/ Sx2.

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Apparently, Corsair claims it to be normal. When you screw on the the CPU block, it will tighten up the backplate.


Some people found it to not work and added their own rubber washers to make it tight.


Just be sure to orient the backplate so that the 2 screw on the back of the CPU plate on the mobo aren't interfering with the backplate.

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