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H100 Rma'ed Availability


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Hi Support Team,


i am worried that H100 is completely gone and now only 2 version say H100i and h110 is out .


So what if i face issues and rma'ed my H100 will i get h100 or h100i .


I heard the h100i is also have lot of psu based issues and controller issues.


I have 2 of it and currently one is tested and working fine. but not sure on the 2nd which i am planning to install it this week.


Can you please let me know will H100 availability

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I know that. But i believe production of H100 should be stopped as of now.


I believe most Rma'ed Products from the warehouse. If new products productions are in place then definitely they will move out old stock to stores for sales.


I believe now the warehouse may only need space of new products .


Will i be getting H100 as replacement or H100i as replacement.


I like the current model than new models wiith no option to set the speed of fan.


Though software can control it but still liked the current model.


Also i wanted to know does h110 fits 400r or only full tower cases.

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You should receive what you RMA. So you would get an h100 back. If they do offer you an I series let them know you don't want it.


Also i wanted to know does h110 fits 400r or only full tower cases.


A full tower would be best. the H110 has a larger radiator and doesn't fit well in smaller cases.


If your case has mounting holes for double 140mm fans at the top then it SHOULD fit. But you may want to use the measurements found on the product page to be sure you have the room.


Don't forget to add 25mm to the 29mm thickness of the RAD to allow for the fans or total thickness.

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