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Odd Problem after fresh install

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I have a f240gb2b that I recently purchased. I removed my current HDD and installed only the SSD to do a fresh install then format my current drive. After windows installation it goes into normal mode without any problems, updates windows, then when it restarts I get to the default background. No welcome screen or anything. From here I can hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and it just goes to a blank screen, hit 'esc' and Im back to the default background. No icons at all. The computer starts fine in safemode, and if I roll back to 'best configuration' setting on boot.


The picture below is ALL I see when my computer boots up from that hard drive in normal mode. The resolution is all correct(unlike default) but that's it.




I even secure erased the drive, reinstalled, and left out my video drivers, the default windows driver for my HD 5870 still caused this problem upon it's installation and reboot.


I'm :confused:


BIOS is updated, and though the resolution was poor I believe "FW REV" for this SSD was 5.05(?) as I attempted to update firmware, but it was older than what was installed(unless I got the wrong one).


Any help is appreciated, I did load the raid drivers upon install of windows 7, set my bios to ACHI, etc etc. I also installed windows 7 without the raid drivers to no avail.


It's likely to be a problem with the bootfile(which showed no problem) or a driver.

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The LED light acts like a normal startup sitting at desktop. It just flickers like it's thinking once in a while, but I left it alone for 2 hours and it was the exact same. As for the FW I thought it was odd because I came up with the 2.4 and downloaded it to update. When I used it I swear it said the current version said "FW REV 5.05". Maybe I should try updating it with the 2.4 I downloaded from here? Otherwise when windows updated it installed 139 updates the first time, and about 30 overall afterwards, so finding a specific windows update that causes the problem would be rough. That is unless there is an easier way to determine it.


Also, in my own stupidity I forgot to extend my system reserved to make it one solid partition. It's all on the single drive I had installed at the time so I don't think it would cause issues.


*EDIT* I also found this link, which also made me not want to update with 2.4 http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=109756

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Yes, with default everything, no video card drivers. I was kind of hoping someone else may have had an issue with these series drives to find out if it's a conflicting driver or windows update. I figured it was an issue with the video card driver, but since it was a fresh install, twice, it updates every time it turns on. So I believe it is a windows update, I just don't know which one would cause this to happen.


Is there any way to log what is starting when I boot to the blank desktop so I can check it in safe mode? Or should I just start going through the windows updates and start uninstalling random ones?

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