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Voyager Air App - No files


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Can somebody please explain to me why the Voyager Air app sees no files whatsoever when I try to find files.


....update. Ok I believe it is because all files must be in MP4 format. However some screenshots I see from reviews show mkv, and avi, etc. files showing. How can I get this app to read and play all file formats?


One review mentions GoodPlayer...do I need to install another app, once I do, will mkv files etc become available thru the voyager app?




Disappointed thus far.

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Which mobile device do you have?

Which OS version does it have?


What version of the app do you have?


I can see the mkv and avi files I have on my Voyager Air via the latest Android and iOS apps just fine.


Through the app you won't be able to play everything as stated in the manual:


The Voyager Air should support all the file types that are supported by the applications already installed on your computer or mobile device. Some third-party applications on mobile devices will not accept streamed data, but require that files be downloaded to the Local folder before opening or playing them.

These include (but are not limited to):

VIDEO: .mp4, .mov (iOS only), .m4v (iOS only)

AUDIO: .mp3, .m4a (iOS only)

IMAGE: .jpg, .png

DOCUMENTS: .doc, .xls, .ppt, .pdf



Having said that I just played a mkv file and an avi file via the XBMC app on my Android and iPad.

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I have the Ipad version 3. I am running iOS 6.1.3.


The application version for Voyager air is v1.2.0


I can see an mkv in the root directory but in no sub directories. No subdirectories are shown either. When I try to play the mkv file in the root i get a "too large to open" error. The file is maybe 3.5GB. Another example is a 650MB avi file that gives a 'too large to open file". I will try using the XBMC app when I'm home hopefully that does the trick.


On another related not my Avengers.mp4 file plays through apple default video player but then hangs in the same spot 5 mins into movie. Are there recommended bitrate and resolution settings that video files must adhere to or not exceed in order to work or is every size and type of file supposed to work. Certainly AVPlayerHD has no hiccups playing all my videos that are copied to the Ipad itself through the AVPlayerHD app.


I have AirVideo for streaming and AVPlayerHD as the video playback app for files on the ipad i.e. mkv copied to ipad.


I cannot use AVPlayerHD to play files off the COrsair Voyager Air?

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