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HX 850 Quick Question


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I was just about to place an order for a TX 750 V2 when i saw the HX 750 is just $10 more, so i thought why not order that.


Now the problem is, the casing i am going to use, a cooler master HAF XB, allows a max PSU length of 180mm.


Now each Newegg and amazon say the HX 750 is 180mm but the corsair website says its 200mm.. =S [http://www.corsair.com/us/power-supply-units/hx-series-power-supply-units/hx-series-hx750-power-supply-750-watt-80-plus-gold-certified-modular-psu.html]


What do i believe?


EDIT: I am such a retard, I mean the HX 750!!!! I named the thread title wrong

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