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HW, which cpu temp to look for?


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Hello, new to this forum.


I am trying to figure out which cpu temp to look for in Hardware monitor, becuase i want to know exactly what to look for when im going to OC.


I got a new 8350 with asus sabertooth board. Also i use corsair h70 on it.


On HW monitor there are one that is "temperature - CPU, this one idles on 30 celcius. and prime 95 it reaches around 52 celcius"


Little further down there is "AMD FX-8350, temperature Package, this idles on 8-10 celcius and reaches around 40 celcius at full load.



Keep in mind, the fans on the radiator is set to the lowest on my manual fan controller i got in chassis. This is because when i plugged it in the motherboard, they were all running at 100% and were quite loud. I could t figure out how to control them trough bios..

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those temps seems very acceptable, I use Core Temp, and but mostly the Corsair link software to monitor all my temps, I was using Asus AI suite, but meh it goes by cpu temp not core temp. which is what seems like is listed above, AI suite would give me 30 c idle and 50ish full load, while core temp idles at 13, and 35ish on quite settings in Corsair link, which gives me the same temps as CoreTemp.
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