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RMA Update?


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According to ParcelForce, you received my parcel for my faulty PSU yesterday, when I try to go to RMA status, it just simply shows my ticket with no information updates.


I am wondering how long this will take to process basically.. I know its a little early, but I currently have no computer and its quite important :(


Case #: 5690239


Also, I sent my receipts for a postage refund 2 days ago and received no updates on that either. Would be nice to know something considering it cost £41 to send a faulty PSU back to Corsair.

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Can you give me some more assistance?


I just got an email stating my package has been shipped by UPS, while thats nice n all.. it would be nice to know what actually happened, like; did they find a fault and repair it? have the found nothing wrong?

The same thing goes for the postage costs, its been a few days since I sent receipts as requested, yet received no information regarding refunds.

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