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PSU Fan powering up and down


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Hey guys,


I decided to build my first computer after a few months of planning (or should i say of saving the money? lol)


Anyway straight to the point, my concern is that the PSU (Corsair HX650w) appears to be turning its fan on briefly (for about 10 seconds approx) and repeats this about 3 times a minute, i should stress that this is even while the system is on idle!


While the system is under stress I understand the fans are meant to come on to cool the psu, however again the fans only spin for 10 seconds max then stop, this can happen 3-4 times a minute when gaming for example.


I should highlight temps in the case are nothing serious, in fact 2 fans are directed to the psu leaving one side of it cool to touch!


The irritation would be nothing if the fan decided to stay on for a while then turn off, it's the constant on off on off on off cycle that is annoying, especially if im using it at night in a fairly silent room.


I hope i have explained the issue well enough for someone to understand :P







I should also add that the psu sometimes produces, what i can only describe as a 'rubbery squeak' on shutdown.

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I looked up what you meant by the 'chirping' and i can confirm mine does it occasionally usually ingame and on shutdown, however it does not come from the powering on or off of the fan.


Does corsair have information regarding at what temp their hx650w fan begins to spin at? because i believe it should not be doing it on idle, they say themselves it is fanless on idle?

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