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CorsairLink2 problem..help


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I recently put together a new system with Windows 8 Pro 64bit with a H80i. Everything was fine with CorsairLink2 when first started.. I could see info regarding the H80i (changed the LED color etc.) But now whenever I open CorsairLink2 I don't see anything regarding the H80i. I can see the temp of the CPU, the graphic card, even that hard drive; but nothing on the H80i. Heck I can't even find the section on changing the LED color. I've uninstalled and installed a few times already. No luck. I suspect the H80i is working as I can hear the fans speed up if I start rendering a 3D scene (for example)


I really don't know what the heck has changed beyond a boatload of Windows 8 updates. Beyond that I'm stumped. I'm using the latest software as I just set-up the system yesterday. I know that the new software supports Windows 8 and their was some issue with Windows 8 before this. Could some Windows8 updated messed something up? Is there something wrong with my hardware now?


The H80i is cooling my system but I have no access to it!


Thanks in advance.

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I have the exact same problems on a Win 7 64bit system. Use a mini USB to type A cable and connect your H80i to a USB port. This is the only solution that worked for me.


Corsair Link updates, changing USB mobo headers, etc did not work (I tried everything after trawling through the forum)

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