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600T front panel RMA...no response on status

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Hello. Last month I purchased a Corsair 600T Graphite case from Microcenter. After a couple of days I became aware that most of the ports on the front I/O panel, including the headphone/mic jacks and USB ports, are non-functional.


I filled out a request through Tech Support Express and was advised to do an RMA. At the time, I was told to disregard any message telling me to return defective products, and that I would not be required to return anything.


I completed the RMA and received RMA #5662259 on February 26. At the time, unfortunately, I neglected to email HaroldN at Corsair.com confirming I had completed the RMA.


On March 6 I checked the status of my RMA and saw that it said, "Defective Parts Not Yet Received." This puzzled me as I had been expressly told I would not need to return anything.


At this point I sent an email to HaroldN confirming I had completed the RMA process, explaining the situation, and asking if he could clarify things and tell me the status of my RMA. I received no response.


On March 14, I sent another email to HaroldN asking if he could update me on the status of my RMA. I have received no response to this message either, and my RMA status still says that defective parts have not been received.


It has now been over a month since I purchased my case and more than three weeks since I first filled out a support ticket and started an RMA and I still have a case with a broken front I/O panel, and no word from Corsair customer support on the status of my RMA.


Forgive me, I'm not trying to be rude, but I almost wonder if I should just have disassembled my system and returned the defective case to Microcenter for a replacement (as their customer service is typically excellent), and then rebuilt my system. As tedious as a complete takedown and rebuild in a new case would have been, I could have completed this over a weekend instead of waiting for weeks for a replacement part.


Could someone please assist me in getting this resolved? I would be be very greatful for any help.





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