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Corsair GS 240gb keeps freezing up.

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So I have 2 Corsair GS 240gb SSD's and they keep freezing when I have them in RAID 0 or Winows 7 on each one of them.


I did a complete re-install of windows 7 like 6 times and the problem isn't letting up. I have used older drivers and new drivers, still the same issue. I have updated the firmware on these and still no solution.


I am running a Asus x79 Rampage Maximus board.


I have tried all the SATA ports on my motherboard and it keeps freezing on each port.


The problem occured one day when it was in RAID 0, so I did a complete re-install of windows and the issue hasn't stopped.


Just getting kinda tired with all these sudden problems and just need a solution.


Thanks you.

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The speeds aren't that great.


Secure erase both drives with Parted magic and reisntall Windows. See if it still freezes now.


Ya I did that already and I just dropped them off at the Hayward Corsair center today. I still don't know if it was the Raid or just wear and tear that messed them up.


Thank you for your help, I was starting to lose hope on these boards.

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