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AX750 Power Issue


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Hi, this is starting to do my head in at the moment.


This is my first pc build, built 8 months ago and every thing as been fine with no problems at all until recently.


When switching on the psu (AX 750) at the wall socket there is no immediate power, no lights on the motherboard and If i try the power switch on the pc, nothing. I tend to have to wait anything from 5 to 20 seconds before I can switch it on. Then it sometimes ends up crashing.


I've checked that all cables and connectors are all plugged in and are secure and also that there is nothing loose inside that may be causing it to short ect.


any ideas.

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I don't think there is much you can do but RMA it.


Just use the link on the left to request an RMA. And if you can't be without a working computer for long you can call CS and request an advanced replacement. But you will need to call them to set that up

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