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AX750 dying?


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Hi all... I've recently been having a problem with my PC where it would suddenly lose power during a gaming session or during an activity where it has a higher load than that of idling... No errors, no warnings, it would just die. After exhaustively testing all the other components and making sure my operating temperatures were at normal, I finally came to my power supply.


I removed it from the system and did the 'paper clip' test which made a LED equipped case fan that was connected to it light and spin up. Without removing the paper clip, I switched the power switch at the back of the power supply off then on again, but this time, the fan remained stationary and the LEDs were unlit. This didn't change after several switches of the switch, or unplugging and plugging the PSU back into the electricity main. However, after leaving the power supply to sit for about 5 minutes and then trying the test again, the fan would power up, but stay dead after switching the PSU's power switch off and then back on :confused:.


Is this normal behavior during a paper clip test, or is my AX750 having startup problems? I have recorded the total power draw of the system to be near 350W when power is lost. When power is lost, I have to switch the power supply off and let the PC sit for 15 mins to an hour before it will power up again. Does this sound like my PSU is dying? Is there anything I can do other than to RMA?


Edit: Happens during normal browsing now

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One fan may not be quite enough of a load. I would add another or two and rerun the test.


If it continues the same behavior I would have it replaced.


Can you look in your BIOS and see what the voltages are being read as?





Thanks for the response Peanutz94. I added 3 more fans to the mix... the two 200mm fans in my Graphite 600T case, and another variable speed LED fan (that's 4 connected fans) - the PSU exhibits the same behaviour - the fans spin up initially when the switch at the back of the PSU is flicked on, but when it is toggled, the fans remain stationary :confused:.


My BIOS reports the following:


12v - a fluctuating 12.098v to 12.192v


5v - 5.000v


3.3v - 3.360v


Vcore keeps fluctuating too - 0.992v to 1.3v


My mainboard is equipped with an under- and over-voltage protection circuitry which is currently enabled in the BIOS. I don't know if that has anything to do with the fact that the system doesn't power on immediately after the power is lost. I will swap in a spare PSU tomorrow so I will know for sure if it is the AX750 that's going bad.

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Voltages all look great... Nearly perfect. Vcore will fluctuate because of intels turbo boost. So thats normal


But it shouldn't be powering off like that...as you know! :)

I would go ahead and submit an RMA request.


OK, so I swapped out my AX750 for a friend's PSU and all the problems went away. I've been stress testing my rig for almost 3 hours now, and it hasn't lost power once.


I also put my 750 in my friend's system... It fired at first and booted right up when he hit the power switch on his PC, but after shutting down and trying to power up again via the power switch on his case and the one on the motherboard, nothing happened. Guess this confirms that I've got a bad/failing 750.


I've never RMA'd anything before, and I'm fearful of the effect this down time will have on my work. I honestly thought my 750 was so bullet proof that it was the last component I even thought about checking. But now, I just know that being without a power supply will be a major set back in my productivity.

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