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Corsair H100i LED issue


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Hi, I have an issue with my H100i...


I basically just use the pump, and the 2 supplied fans plugged into a Scythe Fan Controller.

My problem is the LED on the front of the device, its not working right, and is a bit random.

I uninstalled any previous corsair link software, then installed downloaded this file..

CorsairLINK2_Installer_v2.3.4816 which I think its the most recent.


But when I try to change the LED colour (On normal, sometimes it changes, sometimes not), and the cycle and temperature choices are more chaotic.


Any ideas what I can do, or is it a hardware issue? Is it possible to use an earlier version of the corsair link, one with a firmware file that you have to load in like I did first time?


Thanks for any help, its not really worth the hassel to RMA it just on the LED issue

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if you find out please PM me i am sitting with almost same problem


i can only get the LED colour to be green but when i first installed it it was white led. but now i want it to be blue :P but it just dont work... i also have the problem with my firmware 1.04 but i cant find any where to download any other kind of firmware and upload it to my h100i

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I have found this


Click on the 3rd link in the 6th post to get 1.05 firmware update (you'll have to unzip, so when you browse to the file (Through the corsair link software) it will install it.


Although this hasn't helped me at all.

I'm glad I don't plug fans into the unit, as I don't trust this software to work.


But going back to the LED, seems I'm having trouble with the RED component.

So what I did was put it on to a 4-cycle, with each colour having 0 for RED.

So this reduces my number of colours to 65536 from 16777216, but I still have a nice cycle going through a range of green and blues, better than just a single static colour.


Hopefully this won't die on me, but we'll see.


Perhaps you also have a flaky blue colour component, you could set it to 0, and just use red and green, let me know how you get on.

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