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Red LED Problem on my H80i


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I saw some others posts with this problem, but my problem is a bit different


I just notice that the red light of my H80i doesn't works properly.


When i switch the light for only red, no light.

When i play with the color bars, red light finally turn on. And then i leave only the red and it works too.


What should i do ? RMA ? update the FW ?



Thanks in advance :)



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hi, this week i've tried CorsairLink 2.3.4816 and i 've encountered problem with fan's grouping, so i go back to the 2.2.0 and this problem happen with this version.


Don't want to rma my cooling for just a LED problem... :(

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too bad, the 1.0.0 FW with the 2.2.0 CorsairLink worked pretty well...


I do not want install stock fan, they're too noisy. For now the only way is to do without CorsaiLink, install another tool like speedfan and plug my fan on the motherboard..


Hope that corsair will fix that soon !



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  • Corsair Employee
If you use a PWM Fan I would expect them to work for the most part with our H series coolers fan controller and F/W Ver 1.05. But after Market fans with our coolers will always be a gamble.
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