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Fix cable problem on vengeance 1500 headset


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sorry for my bad english,

i need to know how to open the headset in order to fix a cable problem inside the heatphones.

Probably a broken connection due to cable stress.

Cant find the way to open it and fix the contact.

Please help me.


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Excuse me...

I try to explain better: i'm not interested in voiding warranty, i want to open the headset :)

I need to repair it myself... no problem for the warranty, don't worry about it, only say me if there's a way to open this damn headset without breaking any plastic part. :)

Hope this is a clear question...

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i would like to do it carefully... the problem is: there is no way to do it cause there is no screw visible from the autside on the headphone.

Only visible screws are on the arc and don't open the "acoustic" part...

maybe there is some special tool to open it. In that case if anyone can confirm so i will gladly destroy that damn headset throwing it from the window (and never buy again a corsair product in my life). :mad:

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there seems to be a little hole between the arc and the acoustic part... you can reach it only with some "L" tiny tool... maybe it's a lock. need to try with something really small -_-

Next step is to saw them and then use lots of glue to close it again :)

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Me too I'd love to be able to fix the cable by myself. Those flimsy cables are pure planned obsolescence design and it's just evil. If it was my company, I'd feel too ashamed of delivering such a product to continue working there.


That being said, good luck Marcello, and keep us updated if you find a way in.

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well i did it... difficult for you to inform me about the 4 screws located under the tissue cover of the hearset. :mad:


no need to do anything more than locate the 4 holes under the cover (not the 5 little screws on the rear side) and open the headset from the ear side.


1. unmount the soft cover

2. pull the plastic cover UNDER the tissue so you can locate the 4 screws

3. open the headset

3b if you need to separate the headset from the arc thre is a screw in the center of the closed part you just opened

4 replace the usb cable

5. fixed

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I must say. The first few answers in this thread are pathetic. Marcello couldn't have been more forward with his question. HE clearly didnt give a $**% about warranty otherwise he would have mentioned it.


I started to experience one side of the headphones not working when i moved my head. Had the headphones for about 3 years and not a problem until 2 weeks ago.


I came on here looking for Marcellos answer and he actually ended up answering his own question. Good on you Marcello!


The issue i was experiencing was when i moved the flex at the point where in goes into the headphone the right headphone would go off.


Here is an image of the headphone with the ear pads off.


http://i1334.photobucket.com/albums/w654/Sir-BoBaLoT/Corsair%20Vengence%201500/2014-01-05222745_zps57e233d3.jpgLeft headphone, side with the flex.


After removing the pad there is a piece of thin hard plasti which is glued to the outer rim of the cup.



Pulling this up gently will break the bond with the glue. Be careful you dont mistake the very thin piece of black fabric which is also glued onto the top of the thin plastic layer. I'm guessing this is acting as a dust protector/pop shield.


After checking the wire inside the cup i found no obvious damage, dry joints.




The issue was fixed by pulling some of the flex into the headphone. It appears over time that the section of flex that goes into the cup(which has a plastic 'flexi' guard around it) takes the brunt of movement. That flexi guard is not bonded to the flex so it can, with a bit of persuasion, be pulled through enough to bring the part that's damaged into the cup so it not longer moves.


2 points to consider here.


1. Because the flexi guard is not bonded to the flex pulling on it will pull the flex back out of the cup.

2. This new section will eventually break over time again. So this process may need to be repeated.

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