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Corsair 600T Fan Questions


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I was looking online but couldn't find the airflow numbers for the two 200mm fans on the 600T case (the top 200mm exhaust fan and the front 200mm intake fan). I'm new to building and don't know how airflow dynamics work in a case. I have a 600T Special Edition White case and I'll be using the H80i CPU Cooler so I'll be replacing the rear exhaust fan with that unit. I also plan to use the HD rack back from the front fan and to leave the upper HD rack out to improve airflow from the front. Inside the case I'll be using a RAM cooler fan and have a secondary fan for the top of the video card that fits in a PCI slot.


I have some questions about how to set all this up.


1. I know the top fan can be replaced by two 120mm fans - can the forward fan also be replaced by a pair of 120's?


2. If I use the mesh side panel instead of the window panel what is the recommended "direction" of the airflow for the fans on that panel? I know it holds up to four 120mm fans but should they blow as intake fans or exhaust fans?


3. In the rear 120mm fan (where I'll be mounting the H80i unit) I know it has two fans and blows in a push-pull configuration thru the radiator but I'm not sure which direction the airflow is going. Which way does the airflow go?


4. I was thinking of using the Corsair AF120 Performance fans on the upper panel for exhaust as they move 63.47 CFM (1650 RPM). They run at 30 dBA but move alot more air then the AF120 Quiet Edition (39.88 CFM at 21 dBA). Does anyone know the Airflow CFM and dBA of the 200mm upper and front fans on the 600T?


I'd love to use the side window panel since I've purchased the nice blue sleeved cables for my Corsair AX850 power supply (from the Corsair website) and am sleeving other cables myself but I live in Arizona so cooling is the #1 priority. Any recommendations for fan setup would be appreciated.


Thank you.



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I've got a 600T silver edition, AX860I power with H100i cooler and I removed the top 200mm fan and installed a pair of QE SP120 on top of case (pulling air in) under mess and mounted my radiator inside (not enough room inside case for radiator and fans). I removed stock 120 rear fan and installed QE AF120 (pulling warm air out) and left the original front 200mm fan as is pulling air in.


My temp are great and even under stress test current version of prime95 for 4hours temps never got above 53 degrees. Use Thermal paste TX-4 on H100i cooler pump heat sink and only problem is that H100i only plays well with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) fans and stock fans are PWM fans. You will have limited control over fans with Corsair Link 2 software if fans are non-PWM type. My fans for the most part are running at full rpm’s and that’s my only complaint about swapping out fans (I’m sure that H80i uses PWM fans also) but if not using software from corsair then no issues.


Used glass window and not mesh as temps seem fine.


Here are some pic's of inside case, fans and temps.






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Quick question pucci, did you need some cable extension for the any of the upper fans (especially the one in the back) in order to reach easily the inside of the case??


I've just bought this case and I want to be sure to have all the neccessary stuff!:). BTW, I've bought the h100i so fan cables have to reach the fan power adapter cable and it's quite short.


I'd appreciate any kind of help. Thanks in advance for your answers!

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is the h110 gonna fit on 600t case?

coz am ma change my case tomorow


No, it will not fit 600T. Please refer to the H110 product page. There's a compatibility chart if you scroll down under the overview tab:



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