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computer every once in a while shuts off and restarts, PSU to blame?

Z Overlord

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I would try updateing the BIOS first and also check the voltages from the PSU in your BIOS. I have seen a few cases of where the ASUS software was triggering that message when not needed.


The other thing to try is remove and re-seat all your cables to the MB.


P.S. Corsair has stated many times that those types of PSU testers do not work with their PSU's. They often have false readings. I would suggest starting the PSU with a paperclip and then test your voltages with a multi meter to get true accurate results.

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my bios have been up to date for a while

You stated that you had the stock BIOS in your OP. What about the other suggestions? Did you try those? What are the volatges in the BIOS?


We cant really help you troubleshoot if you don't give us any help.

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