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Two m65 Issues.


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So I just got a new m65x yesterday, and I'm having two issues with it.


When I use the scroll wheel there is a metallic popping sound (similar to that sound when you slightly depress/flex an aluminum soda can) when I scroll in both directions. I'm curious if this is normal or not or if it'll go away...


Second is, the mouse needs to be replugged in every time I cold start, I have legacy usb support enabled in the bios, other than that I can't think of what could be causing it other than faulty hardware? My previous mouse did/dose not have that problem (logi g9x) and I've tested a couple basic Microsoft mice, they also do not have a problem...so I'm feeling like it's the mouse not the MB.


Purchased from newegg, so I'm basically wondering if these things are things I can fix or if I should be getting this mouse replaced.



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