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Which cases support the H110 ?


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Which cases does Corsair make that will support the 280mm radiator? I don't see anywhere on Corsair's website that will provide this info.


the 900d godzilla case will easily handle it

the case is due to be out most any time.

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I've read on different forums people posting about what Corsair cases will work. Corsair is very slow about updating this information in their cases descriptions cause it's nowhere to be found (that I could see). The people who put out the product information for Corsair's website really need to be better informed by Corsair and be more current with updated information.
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A third party case compatibility with the H110 would be hard to nail down to a certain model, as to which cases it will fit and which case won't, there are just too many cases out there for us make a list and make confirmation for each of them. One main requirement of the case to make cooler fit is, for the case to have the ability accommodate 280mm radiator, assuming the case has some space for the rad and fan to be mounted and given the MB design does not have a tall heat sinks on the upper part of the board. We have a lot people that helped us out in the past (currently as well) to create some sort of case reference when using our cooler, http://www.overclock.net/t/1144409/h80-h80i-h90-h100-h100i-h110-case-compatibility-thread-page-1-for-full-listings


As from our line of cases;





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